Earth/Percent Earth Day 2023

I’m delighted to be part of @earthpercent’s Earth Day initiative this year, being one of 60+ artists passionate about the planet who have donated an exclusive track that you can now buy on Bandcamp and help us raise funds for climate action.

Head to where you will be able to buy the slow movement of my tuba concerto to be premiered by the wonderful Mike Poyser in 2024.

The money you spend on the track (or the full Compilation Album) will go to EarthPercent’s Grant Giving Fund, supporting organisations across the globe on the forefront of fighting the climate crisis.

Each track and the album are available until May 6th – buy it now and help our collective cause.

#EarthPercentEarthDay #NOMUSICONADEADPLANET Artwork by @raissa_pardini

MASAward shortlist

Music for Beware of Trains, written with Oliver Cripps, has just been shortlisted for a MASAward in the Best Composition for a Short Film Category!  Awards announced on 13th October. Full list here.

New Film Premiere

Collaborating with Oliver Cripps, I’ve written music for Emma Calder’s new film ‘Beware of Trains’.  The film has been selected at various animation festivals (including Annecy, Ottowa and Edinburgh) and has just received it’s premiere in Zagreb. The film protrays a woman with extreme anxiety: “devoured by four major preoccupations – the man she met by chance on a train, her dying father, her daughter’s safety and the murder she dreams she has committed.”

Kitchen Sink Songs!

The wonderful Year 6 Chamber Choir at Great Missenden school learnt and sang my new Kitchen Sink songs, written during lockdown when I spent quite some time looking at kitchen utensils and wondering what their lives were like. Massive thanks to music teacher Emma Hulbert and the school for letting me work with with such a fantastic bunch! They learnt them so fast and sing them really well! Watch the video on the school website.

Creepy Soundtrack!

Produced as part of a summer project with Create working with young carers in Dorset. We had such a fun time creating creepy sounds for this fabulous short film. Many thanks to @jaclyn vu for allowing us to use her film.


Playing around with sound and picture….

Lockdown Sketch

I wrote this piece during Lockdown for my great friend, workshop leader and fab tubist Mike Poyser. I wanted to explore what was possible playing together when we can’t be in the same room, so I tried out several techniques which allowed for flexibility and responsiveness between us.  This recording we made over zoom, with internet glitches and all, and after we took lots of time adjusting mic levels and to make Zoom as responsive as we could to both our sounds, instead of prioritising one over the other.

The piece is part of a longer recital given by Mike and viola player Jenny Coombes and it’s at Remote Recitals

Another Experiment

Finished another exploration, this time matching music to different clips of animal footage. Hope you enjoy, and thanks to Joe Steele for a fab sax solo!